• A wide range of manholes, flanges and fittings for storage tanks with 2.5 mm inner liner in vinylester resins


Plastic materials made from Thermoplastics, Fiberglas Reinforced Resins or Composite materials for the Chemical, Petro – chemical, Invironmental and Food Industry show endless possibilities worldwide. Various audited manufacturing processes are available. For your Project it should be according specifications and contractual delivery terms.    To prove conformity according contracts and specifications are necessary, to ensure quality and delivery status to fulfil the expectations and needs of your client.

Our Expediting service includes:

  • Reports of raw materials and their storage, manufacturing capacity and manufacturing processes.
  • Sending daily reports with photo – documentation about progress, quality and monitoring the supplier’s performance.
  • Raise concerns early to ensure your project schedule and the supplier’s delivery will be on time and budget.
  • Measurement protocols according your drawings.

Our knowledge and diplomacy in foreign countries will take care for your projects in any aspects to be successful.


Supervision is Teamwork ! Our supervision service for industrial plants will help you to complete your project on time and budget. Hereby our utmost concern is to achieve all milestones according to the planning with the highest level of safety regulations, working close with all contractors, the safety staff and commissioning team.

Service of supervision:

  • The field inspection of the equipment erection and the installation of piping systems according to the standards of quality and regulations. The organization of different disciplines during the installation at site.
  • We identify possibilities and their costs during the planning and installation to suggest them to the construction and project management and support the engineering in any aspect.
  • Doing non destructive tests (NDT),  inspections of the work achieved by the contractors and review of the “as built” documentation.
  • Furthermore, we can verify the skills of welders and laminators at site.

For more detailed information please contact us by phone or email


Our consulting offers helpful possibilities to choose the right supplier, material and manufacturing process for Plastic Products and any kind of plastic equipment of your project. So as cooling tower equipment and piping systems made from Fiberglas Reinforced Plastics ( FRP ), Composite materials and Thermoplastics. Mostly it comes to difficulties for the piping support system in case the layout of the engineering is made for steel piping systems or made for a piping system with a different specification to the chosen piping material by the procurement department. Also by installation during the winter period we would like to offer professional suggestions to prevent a delay for commissioning. For Projects to achieve by local contractors in Asia, South America and the Middle East our experience and knowledge in those countries will be helpful and solve contractual problems, quality issues and progress problems beforehand.

We are able to offer you a worldwide service. For more detailed information please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime.