• A wide range of manholes, flanges and fittings for storage tanks with 2.5 mm inner liner in vinylester resins

Pro Plastics and Partners in Europe and overseas are more than 30 years in the business of plastics worldwide.

FRP material is strong enough to build bridges and buildings and is free of corrosion.

The quality of our materials are proven already many times in the civil industry, the chemical – petro chemical and food industry.

With different manufacturing technologies for FRP materials we are able to provide high-end quality products.

Production and storage area with bigger 6500 square meters ensure to deliver a high quantity of materials on short terms. Drilled holes, cuttings, length, color and punching outs can be achieved according your specifications.

Statically calculations can be provided by German or American experts. Strength tests and LOI tests achieved in our own laboratory and can be made also by third parties worldwide.

High quality for all our products is our promise

All our FRP Products can be delivered in Polyester Resin or Vinylester Resin. On request also  Fire Retardant and/or Epoxy Resin.

We hope to become part of your project. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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